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Summer Berry Bliss

Blended by: Michael Lyon

Be refreshed as you enjoy this invigorating hibiscus and rosehip tisane. Allow the aromas of sweet berries take you back to when you were a small child running through the strawberry patch. Enjoy both hot and iced.

Tea Category Hibiscus Tea

organic hibiscus, organic lemongrass, rosehip, raspberry, strawberry, organic ginger root and natural flavours.

For optimum flavour, infuse 1 teaspoon tisane in 8 ounces of 95°C water for 3-10 minutes.

hibiscus biologique, herb de citron biologique, églantier, framboise, fraise, gingembre biologique et arômes naturels.

Pour le goût optimal, infusez 1 cuillère à thé tisane dans 8 onces d'eau à 95°C pour 3-10 minutes.

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