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Bergamot Berry Safari

Blended by: Nathin Bye

With tribal drumming in the background, you dawn your large brimmed trekking hat and hop in your jeep, riding off into the sunset. Only you can remember vivid images of the king of beasts, the serengeti plains and the awe inspiring ngorongoro crater. Wa

Tea Category Rooibos Tea

organic rooibos, strawberry, lavender, natural essential bergamot oil, organic ginger root, raspberry and calendula petals.

For optimum flavour, infuse 1 teaspoon rooibos in 8 ounces of 95°C water for 3-10 minutes.

rooibos biologique, fraise, lavande, huile essentiel naturelle de bergamote, gingembre biologique, framboise et pétales de calendula.

Pour le goût optimal, infusez 1 cuillère à thé rooibos dans 8 onces d'eau à 95°C pour 3-10 minutes.

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