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Chef Patrick Garland blends a Tea for Gold Medal Plates

For the third year in a row, The Canadian Culinary Championships has partnered with Award winning chefs from across Canada will compete in this 3-day event held in Kelowna BC next weekend, February 5-7. Out of the competing chefs, judges, participating Olympians and musicians, 18 custom tea blends were created. Each of these blends will be available for sample throughout the three-day event. The teas can also be found on our website.

Chef Patrick Garland, an award winning chef from Absinthe Café in Ottawa, Ontario, blended a black tea blend called TUESDAY AFTERNOON. It’s ingredient list includes: organic black tea, almonds, orange peel and natural essential bergamot oil. It even includes a fun description:

“Warm and nutty blend with under tones of spice and bright citrus notes. Named after the Moody Blues song. You can hear it in your head now, can't you?”

TUESDAY AFTERNOON. is available for sale in Chef Garland’s virtual tea room . For every 100 g bag of tea sold, MyTea will donate $5 towards supporting Canadian Olympic Athletes. You can also blend your own tea and we’ll donate $4 to supporting Canadian Olympic Athletes and include a free 10g sample of Chef Garland’s TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Use coupon code: ChefGarland (Expires February 28, 2015)

Other blends include:
Chef Luc Jean from Jane’s in Winnipeg, MB blended Gleaming Sunshine.
Chef Renée Lavallée from The Canteen in Halifax, NS blended The Spicy Feisty.
Chef Kristian Eligh from Hawksworth Restaurant in Vancouver, BC blended The Remedy.
Chef Dave Bohati from Market Restaurant in Calgary, AB blended Peaches & Cream.
Chef Chris Hill from Delta Bessborough in Saskatoon, SK blended Bridge City Blend’ .
Chef John Horne from Canoe in Toronto, ON blended Johnny Apple Seed .
Chef Mark McCrowe from Aqua Kitchen & Bar in St. John’s, NF blended Ginger Marks Spicy Chai.
Chef Milton Rebello from Wascana Golf & Country Club in Regina SK blended Mangalore.
Olympic Gold Medalist Simon Whitfield blended Flora Foundation.
Olympic Gold Medalist Adam Kreek blended überChai Tea.
Geoffrey Kelly from the band Spirit of the West blended Spirit Spice Chai .
John Mann from the band Spirit of the West blended Mocha-Shake-Down.
Judge and Renowned Food Writer James Chatto blended Pearly May.
Judge and Food Writer Anne DesBrisay blended Her Nibs.
Judge and Food Writer Sasha Chapman blended Spice Trade.
Judge and Food Writer Sid Cross blended Sid’s Seductive Sip.
Judge and Professor Chef Bernard Casavent blended Indulgence.

My Tea Blending Room is an on-line community where tea lovers, chefs, foodies and people who want to live a healthier life can custom blend his/her own tea and have it delivered directly to his/her door. Through personal experience, curiosity and education, customers will not only be able to share and learn from one another but be able to express themselves in a new way.

For more information regarding these teas or to learn how to create your own custom tea, please e-mail Amber at

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