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Top 10 Gifts for Her

Here is a great list of gift for Her; weather it be your wife, mom, girlfriend or daughter, these gifts are sure to be a hit.

#1 Leather Gloves

Whether she’s driving kids around or just heading out with her girlfriends for a tea, leather driving gloves will keep her comfortable and warm. If you can find a pair with touch screen finger tips - bonus.

#2 Tea Blending Kit

Let her creativity and love of tea run free. She can blend a variety of different ingredients together to make just the perfect cup of tea. You can buy a Chai Tea Blending Kit from My Tea Blending Room.

#3 Bath Basket

Stock her up with bath salts, bubbles, aromatherapy candles and maybe a good book. Give her the gift of relaxation.

#4 Chocolate

A women’s love of chocolate is only confirmed with every piece she indulges in. Get her a box of her favourites or if you’re not sure where to start, chocolate, nut & caramel clusters, salted caramels or english toffee are always a great place to start.

#5 Ear Muff-Headphones

The gift of warmth is definitely in. A great pair of earmuffs doubled as headphones will surely be a hit. She can listen to her favourite music or audio book while being warm and stylish. There are lots of fun and stylish styles to choose from.

#6 Winter Boots

There’s no such thing as too many pairs of shoes and the same goes for boots. Find a fun rain boot, a warm snow boot or a sexy leather boot. The options are endless.

#7 Maid Service

A little help around the house will always be appreciated? Call a few maid services in your area and book a 2 or 4-hour cleaning service for when your company leaves or purchase a gift certificate for her to use when it best fits her schedule.

#8 e-Reader

If she reads out of the love of books or the need There are many to choose from; however the Kindle Paperwhite is a great choice.

#9 Skin Care

Skin care will always be something dear to her heart. Get her a few bottles of her favourite brand. If she doesn’t have a favourite yet, Saavani has a great selection of organic skin care products she’s sure to love.

#10 Pyjama’s - Naughty or Nice

New pyjama's are always on the list. Choose something comfy and warm or choose something sexy and revealing. Either way, it’s sure to be a winner.


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