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PRESS RELEASE - Liquid Lightning Swim Club create 6 teas as part of a Fundraiser

The West Kelowna Liquid Lightning Swim Club has partnered with My Tea Blending Room to create and design six (6) loose leaf teas that will be sold to help raise money for the swim club. Their goal is to raise over $1500 with the monies raised going toward the purchase of new training equipment. Starting today and continuing until Friday, November 14, 2014, the teas will be available for purchase from any of the 110 swimmers or on-line. Each 50 g bag of loose leaf tea will retail for $18 and will yield between 20 and 25 servings.

Each of the swimmers, in groups, namely; Gold, Silver, Bronze, Multi/Mini, Red and Green helped to create each tea. The swimmers started out by tasting some popular tea blends, smelling a variety of ingredients and then brainstorming what ingredients would work well together in the form of a tea. There were lots of great suggestions and the resulting six (6) teas are amazing. They are listed as follows:

4:00 AM Kicker- white tea blend
Beep! Beep! Beep! It's time to 'Wake Up' and be refreshed with this 4:00 AM Kicker. Nothing says, 'Get out of Bed' quite like the the refreshing flavours of white tea and mint. You surely won't drown when Emil says, 'Go! Go! Go!' ~ designed by LLSC Gold Group

Cocoa Chai Fly - black tea blend
Graceful like a butterfly, chocolatey like heaven and just the right amount of spice; this exotic and delicious blend will put you at ease and prepare you for what's ahead. ~ designed by LLSC Silver/Multi Group

IM Nutty - rooibos tisane blend (caffeine free)
Just like the IM, this tea includes a perfect compilation of four flavours: Chocolate, Almond, Coconut and Rooibos. If you’re not already nutty, this tea will help you on your way. ~ designed by LLSC Bronze Group

Dive Into Fall - rooibos tisane blend (caffeine free)
Nothing quite like a spiced apple tea to warm you up on a chilly Autumn day. Dive into the sweet flavours of cinnamon, ginger and rooibos, dotted with a touch of earl grey. ~ designed by LLSC Mini Group

Tropical Fruit Fly - hibiscus tisane blend (caffeine free)
The best part of being fruity is having free style. This hibiscus and tropical fruit blend will have you perfecting your backstroke all the way to the tropics. ~ designed by LLSC Red Group

Medley Mixer - green tea blend
The perfect medley of green tea, nettle, tulsi and ginger. With a touch of peach and some sunshine, this energizing tea will help you perfect a seamless pencil dive. ~ designed by LLSC Green Group
There is also a seventh tea that has been included in the fundraiser. It is called, In Memory and was created by Amber Piche as a special momentum to the head coach Emil Dimitrov. Emil’s wife, Eli, passed away last fall after a valiant battle against cancer. She was much loved and will be dearly missed. In Memory is a vanilla flavoured black tea blend mixed with a variety of flower petals; each with a special meaning. It is available as a 90 g commemorative tin and sells for $35. Additional information can be found at My Tea Blending Room.

The Liquid Lightning Swim Club is a program that encourages the achievement of personal and team goals in competitive swimming through training and competition. The Club fosters an environment where all swimmers, regardless of ability, will learn the fundamentals of the sport of swimming that can take them to a regional, provincial, national or even an international swim meet.

My Tea Blending Room is an on-line community where tea lovers, chefs, foodies and people who want to live a healthier life can custom blend his/her own tea and have it delivered directly to his/her door. Through personal experience, curiosity and education, customers will not only be able to share and learn from one another but be able to express themselves in a new way. Blend your own tea today.

For more information regarding this fundraiser or to start a fundraiser of your own, please contact Amber Piche.

Amber Piche | My Tea Blending Room

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