Articles -> PRESS RELEASE - Introducing... 'The Manly Tea' - helping with the research of Prostate Cancer in Canada

PRESS RELEASE - Introducing... 'The Manly Tea' - helping with the research of Prostate Cancer in Canada

'The Manly Tea' was inspired by men everywhere and created by author and Ghost CEO, Christopher Flett. This black tea and St. John's Wort blend is the perfect tea for men growing a moustache during the month of Movember. Three dollars from the sale of each 50 g bag and $5 from the sale of each 100 g bag of tea will be donated to Prostate Cancer research in Canada.

'The Manly Tea', consists of organic black tea, organic tulsi, organic lemongrass, st. john's wort, organic ginger root, cardamom and natural earl grey and gin flavours. As per the teas description, it even claims it can help men grow a sexier mo. It tastes great and is a healthy beverage choice.
"This bold and robust tea will make you feel stronger, healthier; make your mo grow sexier and give you the necessary stamina you need. Drink 'The Manly Tea' because chicks dig Moustache's and Tea."

'The Manly Tea' is available for sale on-line; as well, at two locations in Kelowna, BC; MVP Modern Barbers and Behind the Fly.

MVP Modern Barbers is not your Grandfather's barbershop. TV's at every chair, XBox, Foosball.... oh yeah... and haircuts. Located at 1957 Harvey Ave and open Monday - Friday 10am - 7pm, Saturday 10am - 6pm.
Behind the Fly is a retail store located at 543 Bernard Ave. They specialize in quality mens underwear, swimwear and lounge wear with over 25 brands to chose from. Open Monday - Saturday 10:30am - 5:30pm and Sundays from 11am - 3pm.

Christopher Flett, a proud capitalist, founder of the Ghost CEO and business book author, including; "What Men Don't Tell Women About Business" (Wiley, 2007) and "Market Shark". Christopher is also an avid tea drinker, moustache supporter, motorbike rider and all-in-all, an Alpha Male.

My Tea Blending Room is an on-line community where tea lovers, chefs, foodies and people who want to live a healthier life can custom blend his/her own tea and have it delivered directly to his/her door. Through personal experience, curiosity and education, customers will not only be able to share and learn from one another but be able to express themselves in a new way. Blend your own tea today.

For more information regarding this tea or to learn how to create your own custom tea, please contact Amber.

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