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Health Benefits of Papaya Tea

Papaya, a native fruit to Central America and has been used for centuries. Columbus first noticed it in the Caribbean on his journey west and referred to is as the ‘fruit of the angels’. The natives of the Carribean were enjoying heavy metals of fish and mean, followed by papayas. To Columbus’ surprise, they did not suffer from indigestion.

Papaya contains a protein digesting enzyme called papain. It acts similar to pepsin, a well-known digestive agent often sold as powders. Unlike other digestive enzymes, papain, found in the papaya, can successfully aid digestion in all three environments; neutral, alkaline and acidic. Due to this enzyme, infused papaya can aid in the breakdown of and metabolism of proteins, as well, aid to relieve indigestion.

There are no known drug interactions or cautions when consuming the infusion of papaya.

To ensure both the quality and integrity of the tea is maintained, see our articles How to Steep Tea Correctly and the Importance of Proper Storage of Tea.

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