What is My Tea Blending Room?

Our vision is to create an environment where passionate tea lovers can express themselves.

We are an online community where Tea Lovers, Chefs, Foodies and Celebrities can custom blend their own tea; while at the same time, connect, share and learn from one another.

Here you can combine your favourite ingredients by blending your own tea. Take the flavours of your childhood, the flavours of your favourite sweet or savoury dish or just be creative. There are no limitations on how far your creativity and your palette can take you. Blend the tea you have always been looking for. Design a herb blend for a roast chicken or sweet dessert; design the perfect cocktail for your upcoming party or blend a personalized gift for a friend.

Each tea blend will come custom labeled. Name your tea and give it a creative description. You will even be able to design your own label soon.

While you're at it, find out who else likes the same ingredients as you. Keep up with what your favorite chef or celebrity is blending and how they are integrating different blends into their daily routine. Purchase other people's blends you have tried or start from scratch. You can also begin with one of our basic teas such as Chai or Earl Grey.

When blending you can choose from hundreds of ingredients from around the world. Start with a tea or tisane and add herbs, spices, fruits, flowers and/or nuts. To enhance the flavors simply add a Flavour Enhancer such as peach, vanilla or bergamot.

Start Blending Now